Sing Chlorinated Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves








Description : Ambidextrous, smooth (G) or  fully micro texture (T) and beaded cuff.

Color : Off-white to yellow

Standard packing : 100 gloves by weight to a dispenser box and 10 boxes per carton.

Storage : The glove shall maintain their properties when store in a dry condition at temperature  not higher than 30oC.

Shelf life : 3 years from date of manufacturing.



Royal Guard examination powder free latex chlorinated gloves:

Each glove has minimal amounts of protein content, on average less than 50 micrograms/dm  of glove.
These gloves are powder free to decrease the risk from developing allergies to latex protein.
Textured finish allows for a secure and firm grip, effective in both wet and dry conditions.
Make especially for satisfaction and safe wearer.

These gloves undergo a chlorination process which aids in effortless donning.
Beaded cuff assures a secure fit by limiting unwanted shifting or tearing.


     All Royal Guard gloves are made of premium latex that feature tactile sensitivity and elasticity for a satisfying fit while maintaining their durability, which is evident in its impressive tear resistance and strength.    

    For superior protection and comfort in gloves, medical, dental and service professionals turn to Shun Thai gloves as their reliable choice because quality is always our priority.