Welcome To Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Company Limited.

*** Please be warn of fraud ***

             Please note that we do not have any authorized agents. And be warn of fraud! People trying to gain advance deposit money or to deliver counterfeit products and trying sell under our FDA, CE Certificates. We will only supply factory direct and we will not be responsible for any losses arises from sales contracts undertaken with 3rd parties.

             Pease direct all enquiry to mk@shunthaiglove.com Tel. 02-5116040-6 Also please be warned! We are not connected in any way with;

                          • Anakin Trading Co., Ltd.

                          • Carry Chain Product Co., Ltd.

                          • Nakatipbodee Co., Ltd.• SoonRuamkraupan 2000 Co., Ltd.

                          • Pure All Co., Ltd.

                          • Royal Product Co., Ltd.

                          • Shakti Industries Ltd.

                          • Sufficiency Economy City Co., Ltd.

                          • Tigress Trading Co., Ltd.

             And we did not produce OEM for the following brands;

                          • Kimberly Glove

                          • Peace Gloves

                          • Sky Med



Company Profile

              Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Company Limited. is a leading manufacturer of latex and nitrile gloves for applications in both medical and general purpose markets. Our motto: "Highly Intend on Replying for your Satisfaction" translates and represents our core values and determination in providing our customers with an excellent quality products, along with the highest degree of customer service.

             Founded in 1989, Shun Thai commenced our operation by producing latex gloves for various medical fields. The factory is located in the Rayong province of eastern Thailand and has been and continues to be surrounded by thousands of acres of rubber tree plantations. With the advantage of having the natural latex materials in the vicinity and at hand, Shun Thai has built a reputation for greatness of quality in the gloves we produce.


Our Commitment

Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Company Limited. Is committed to providing safe effective products for healthcare provider and other users. This entails strict and stringent measures in manufacturing processes and product quality control as well as a persistent attention to R&D efforts. The ultimate aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and ensure minimum risk in using the company’s products. Gloves manufactured by Shun Thai are exported worldwide, including to reputable purchasing house in Europe, the United States of America and Canada, the latin American Countries, the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

Whistleblowing - Public Interest Disclosure

Mr. Krisada Pruchpongsuk

Internal Audit

E-mail: krisada.p@shunthaiglove.com


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